Vincent Parker (VPM1) (for Poser)


Vincent Parker (VPM1) (for Poser)

Vincent Parker, also referred to as VP Male 1, or VPM1, is an optimised Poser figure created especially with animators in mind. Using the expertise of the entire Vanishing Point team, and created in 3D Max, ZBrush and Poser, the figure is a fresh concept in Poser characters.

Designed after extensive research, Vincent Parker is specifically created for animation, and situations in which many figures are required in the scene. The low polygon count and optimised textures mean the figure is very low on resources, and renders extremely fast even on low powered machines.

The posing and bending are not compromised in any way, and the figure will pose in a naturalistic way. Careful polygon grouping design created a mesh that deforms according to human muscle groups, resulting in animations that look highly realistic.

The texturing uses displacement and bump maps, as well as specular maps, which combined with the diffuse maps results in a figure that renders well even under simple lighting conditions.

The inclusion of simple to use, yet highly advanced controls, and a naturalizer python script, and an unparalleled compatibility with standard BVH and motion files enable Vincent to be animated in an easy and natural way.

Compatibility with all the Poser speech software products, face morphs and Vincent's distinctive realistic face, modelled from a real human, make him an ideal Poser spokesperson in voice animations.

.: Product Features :.
The model is a lightweight mesh figure, with a polygon count of roughly half of the original Poser 4 figures, and a seventh of the Poser 7 figures. The model also uses highly optimised mapping and texturing, resulting in a figure that uses very few resources, and renders fast.

The figure follows all normal Poser controls for a figure. There are advanced controls on the collars and neck body groups, as well as dials to control both eyes together. On the hands of the figure are extra dials that control finger bending in an easier and more intuitive way. The figure accepts poses made for most Poser 4 and 7 figures as standard, and can take poses from most other figures with slight adjustments. Limits are set for the movements, resulting in lifelike posing.

IK chains are included for the legs and arms, and are on by default on the legs when loading the figure.

The figure is fully compatible with the Poser 7 talk designer, including the emotive parts for expressions. It is compatible with third party applications MIMIC and Poserspeak as well, without needing any extra files.

The figure is compatible with the Poser walk designer, and most Poser animation PZ2 files will work with the figure, as well as most BVH files.

The model uses 2048 x 2048 pixel diffuse, specular, displacement and bump maps for the body and the head, and separate eye maps, making it easy to change eye colours. It is UV mapped and textured and scaled to the size of standard Poser figures. The simplified and enhanced mapping system make it very easy to create new textures for the figure.

The figure includes all the phoneme morphs (for Talk Designer and MIMIC), as well as morphs for the:
  • Eyes (side-side, up-down, blinkleft, blinkright, blink, lower eyelid up, eyes smile, wince)
  • Brow (furrow, brow up, up left, up right, up centre, scowl left, scowl right, scowl)
  • Jaw (mouth open, jaw shift left, jaw shift right)
  • Lips (smile left, smile right, smile, smile full, smile grin, snarl, snarl left, snarl right, pucker)
  • Nose (wrinkle, flare)
  • Tongue (tip up-down, curl, tongue out)

    The figure also includes a no ears morph for superhero styles, or situations where ears need to be hidden under hats.

    There are also automatic hidden ERC controlled morphs that automatically tense the upper arm, stomach, thigh and shin muscles when the appropriate body parts are moved. For example, when the abdomen is bent forward, the stomach muscles will tense, or when the forearm is bent the bicep will bulge.

    There are no joint corrective morph targets included to correct any bulging, folding, distortion or mesh tearing, as this does not occur. This figure does not require additional INJ or REM files. As this figure is low polygon, and the morphs are very small; they are included in the figure.

    A python script, NaturalizerVP, specifically written by Ockham, is included. This python script enables Vincent to breathe and blink automatically in animations, and adds small ambient motions to the figure during animations to increase the realism and enhance natural motion. A separate usage tips text file is included explaining this script.

    The product also includes a low polygon hair style in three different colours, specifically made for Vincent by Panko, suitable for most uses, civilian and military, and especially for use with headgear, such as helmets or caps.

    Four standard motions are included for use with the walk designer, which are walk, tough walk, run and march. Two PZ2 animation files, body building (880 frames) and boxing (750 frames), are included to showcase the fluid motion of the figure.

    A second figure CR2 is included, which adds the genitals made for SimonG2 to the Vincent figure. This figure will only work if Simon is installed and in the default locations.

    A separate text file is included with greater detail on using the python script, the advanced controls, and explaining how to get the most out of the figure during renders and animations.

    A video showing Vincent speaking using the Poser Talk Designer software:

    A video showing Vincent speaking using the DAZD MIMIC software:

    A video showing Vincent posing, rendered in Poser this animation file is included with the product):

    A video showing Vincent being totally silly in the motion capture studio:

    A video showing a direct import of a BVH file, unedited, when applied to Vincent:

    Please Note: Although the base figure will work in all versions of Poser from version 5 and up, some features, such as the Talk Designer and genitals, will only work in versions with those compatible features.

    Convert your existing clothing for use with Vincent Parker by using the Wardrobe Wizard plug-in file, by PhilC, or the Cross Dresser program by EvilInnocence.