Tullia for Miki 2


A fresh face for Miki 2!
Add a bit of fascinating cuteness to your runtime!

With her doll's face and porcellain-white skin Tullia is an unusual but very charming character.
She's perfect for etheral beauties, and she comes with additional materials to give her a sun-tanned and more realistic look.
She has different eye colors and a whole range of make-ups to suit all your needs. The skin materials use advanced shaders for that extra vibrant look, while still looking good when combined with clothing which uses only standard material settings.

Her morph is a custom face morph, you do NOT need any additional morph packages to use it. Her body is the default shape, so all Miki 2 clothes will fit her.


Morph on / off poses
Pale Skin mat pose
Tanned Skin mat pose
Pale Face natural mat pose
Tanned Face natural mat pose
4 Realistic Make-Ups for pale skin
4 Realistic Make-Ups for tanned skin
4 Fantasy Make-Ups for pale skin
4 Fantasy Make-Ups for tanned skin
4 Eye Colors

Note: Due to the new eye shape, there are some slight issues with certain eye poses. These issues won't be visible in normal renders, but you may notice them in very big close-ups: Eyelids don't close totally with the blink morph (you need to use the lower eylid morphs, too); upward rotation of eyeballs should be limited at 15. Please consult the readme before buying.

POSER 6 OR HIGHER (may work in Poser 5 but not tested)