Flower Power for Miki 2


Conforming outfit for Miki
Love, Peace and Freedom...
Take Miki back to the 70ies with this comfortable outfit.

Pants and Tunic are loaded with morphs (compatible with Miki's default morphs
as well as with the RDNA Ultimate Body Morphs).
Tunic skirt, sleeves and pants ruffles have body handles for easy adjustment
to a vast range of poses.

Included are 14 texture sets which are color-coordinated for mix and match.
Separate partial mat poses for the single parts have been provided. The possibilities
of combinations are virtually endless.
Special transparency poses allow you to turn the outfit into a cute modern summer set,
and worn without pants the tunic becomes a sexy minidress.

- Conforming Tunic with 40 morphs
- Conforming Pants with 24 morphs
- 14 texture sets for each to mix and match
- Extra poses to hide long sleeves, tunic skirt and pants ruffles
- Bodyhandles to control the wide sleeves, the tunic skirt and the pants ruffles
- Poses to switch handles on and off

Morphs are fully compatible with the
'Ultimate Body Morphs' from RDNA!

For Poser 5 or higher.