Renaissance Dress Miki 2


Conforming historic dress and shoes
The Renaissance is one of the most fascinating eras of history.
Medieval oppression is replaced by a new freedom. Individuality, arts and sciences are flourishing.

This dress is a reproduction of North European Renaissance fashion as shown in an engraving by Israel van Meckenem from 1485.

Now Miki can travel back in style to the roots of modern society.
Enrich your historic or fantasy renders with this historic dress for Miki 2!

What you get:

- a dress (obj and cr2) with body handles and morphs (compatible with -Ultimate Body Morphs-)
- a pair of shoes (obj and cr2) with morphs
- 4 texture sets for the dress
- 4 texture sets for the shoes
- mat poses for dress and shoes
- mat poses to show/hide the bodyhandles