Heidi Dress for Sadie


A conforming Dirndl dress with shoes.

Dress Sadie up as Heidi the mountain girl, and she's ready for new adventures!

The textures of this dress are authentic, inspired by national costumes worn
in my area and carefully painted by hand. However, the pack includes modern
textures, too, which reflect the new trend of mixing traditional cuts with
modern fabrics.

So Sadie will be in style for every occasion.

What you get:
- Conforming dress
- Conforming apron
- Conforming shoes
- 4 traditional textures
- 4 modern textures
- 4 shoe textures
- Mat poses for all

Matching textures for the hairband of Sadie's long hair
(included in the Sadie basic pack by 3DUniverse)

The clothes include morphs to flare dress skirt
extra body handles to adjust the ends and to make them curl.

For Poser 5 and higher.