Scirocco G2 Males


Conforming clothes and boots for G2 Males

Scirocco (pronounced Sheerocko ) is a hot desert wind.
This outfit is perfect for adventurers roaming the wastelands, and it's still elegant enough
for an audience with the king of some exotic country.

What you get:
- Conforming shirt with morphs
- Conforming pants with morphs
- Conforming belt with morphs
- Conforming boots with morphs
- Conforming coat with morphs
- 4 texture sets for all
- 6 additional transparency options for the shirt
- Extra matposes to hide single parts
- Extra matpose to hide the figure's legs

The morphs match the three built-in morphs of the G2 figures and
the main morphs of the Ultimate Body Morphs Pack from RDNA.

The textures match the textures of the Zephyra Dress for beautiful pair renders.

For Poser 5 and higher.