Empire Dress Pack for Miki 2


Dynamic dresses, shoes and handbag for Miki 2

Around 1795 French fashion shocked the rest of the world with transparent dresses.
But the other countries soon adopted the new style and created their own distinctive features.
At the Royal Court ladies wore velvet overdresses, for strolls in the garden they preferred cotton dresses
with flowery prints and embroidery.

With this pack you can dress Miki as a lady of 200 years ago.
It re-creates the fashion of French Empire and English Regency style, with different types of dresses and
seven texture options. Whether you want Miki to be a court lady of the French empress or a sweet girl on
a romantic rendezvous in the garden - the Empire Dress Pack gives you all you need.

What you get:
- Dynamic dress with short sleeves
- Dynamic dress with long sleeves
- Dynamic dress with puff sleeves
- Reticule handbag
- Shoes
- 7 different texture sets for each
- Mat poses to apply the textures
- Extra mat pose to hide Miki's toes in the shoes