In the Garden for Plushies


All your need for a Plushie to be a gardener

It' spring again, and that's the perfect time to be outdoors.
Send your Plushies out in style to work and play and enjoy themselves in their garden.
This pack gives them everything a little gardener needs.

The clothes include morphs to fit them to:
Rufus (standard fit), Cheeky, Chloe, Daisy, Drake, Harley, Quinn and Wolfie

What you get:
- Conforming pants with morphs
- Conforming dress with morphs
- 4 materials for the dress, each in a satiny and a velvety version
- 2 materials for the pants, each in a satiny and a velvety version
- 4 flower props in 4 different colours - a total of 16 flowers
- Watering can prop with 2 textures
- Flower pot prop with 2 textures
- Shovel prop

NOTE: This product is optimized for Poser 6 and higher. Poser 5 users may need to reduce
the displacement setting.