FuMan Mohawks Strand Based Hair Bundle for G2 Males


3DActor: Fu Man Mohawks Bundle

15 Stylistic Mohawks
Multiple Hair Density settings - The amount of hair strands. Use 2thick and xthick for closeups and thick for distance renders.
11 Colors to choose from - Each mohawk has multiple colors choices accesible from the material room and materials library within Poser.
œ Strand Based Hair - They are strand based hairs for more realistic results and additional styling if you desire.
œ Dynamic Hairs - You may select the hair group in the hair room once applied to your figure and calculate dynamics. This will provide a Dynamics wheel on the Properties palette by adjusting this dial you will be able to alter the hairs into other styles. In some cases the dynamics has been set to very low setings, so you will see varying effects.
œ  Fu Man : Mohawks : Bundle is a set of hair styles designed for e frontier's Koji Figure pack and adapted to also work with the G2 Male Figures Kelvin, Koji, and James.