Peace Love Unity Park


Peace Love Unity Park for Poser 11+ is a set of props from which you can create a modern park scene.  The materials are for Superfly and Firefly and created together so that it doesn't matter which render engine you use.


11 Props:


  • 2 Benches
  • 1 Table
  • 3 Floors
  • 3 Words on their own:  Peace, Love, Unity
  • 2 Poles with the words Peace, Love, Unity



129 Materials for the props:


All the materials are Poser procedural materials. The Firefly and Superfly materials are saved together so that you can switch between the render engines without having to change anything.


6 colours for each prop with multiple variations for each colour

  • 18  Bench A
  • 20  Bench B
  • 18  Table
  •   9  Floor A
  • 18  Floor B
  • 10  Floor C
  • 36  Poles (The 2 poles use the same materials)



21 Materials for the 3 large words: 


These materials can be applied to anything you own and will work on all 3 words.

Because the materials are multi-coloured they will not always look the same.

  • 7 Colours Reflective
  • 7 Colours Transparent
  • 7 Colours Non-Reflective


4 x 2 Scenes


4 Ready-made scenes with 2 colour variations each.