Project Evolution ONE


Project Evolution ONE is an ambitious Poser figure that is inspired by professional figures rigs used in Hollywood and at the same time harnesses the best Poser has to offer, from elaborate weight-mapped face controls, Full and Partial Body Morphs, to JCM-controlled limbs. Project Evolution also comes with a wide range of morphs, poses and even some basic materials so that you don't have to wait for the usual addons.

As the name implies, Project Evolution will probably gradually be moving forward as Poser technology improves. She is already pushing the edges of what Poser can do and I will do my best to help facilitate content creation for her.

It is my firm belief that figures like this, figures that prioritize artistic form and reality over everything else, should be the future of Poser figures.

Project Evolution ONE adds two Poser figures (for P10 and P11), 18 characters, lots of poses and materials, to your Poser runtime. This figure should be suitable for most audiences*.

If you previously purchased the EARLY EDITION at CGBytes/Renderotica, first check your account there for a (free) update to Project Evolution ONE and a special offer to update to the 'adult' version.
Project Evolution ONE is the Official version from now on.
The adult version will NOT be sold here.

* The Project Evolution ONE has the same anatomically correct definition of the outside genitalia, and there will be no difference for the occasional bathroom/sauna/skinny dipping scene. Differences between ONE and the adult version are in the rigging of the area and details normally hidden from view.