Faces Fridge Magnets POSER


A face fridge magnet with 10 materials.
(But they'll stick to anything!)

The magnet is created at 30% of standard human size - reduce the size if you want to put it on an actual fridge prop.
This size makes it versatile to use as a decorative wall item etc.


1 Fridge Magnet


Firefly and Superfly materials are created together.

10 materials with a transparent dome.
These materials when applied to the fridge magnet will always show as the dome is very transparent.

10 materials with a glass-like dome.
These materials look black on screen but will render correctly - please read below:
The glass dome has refraction that gives an interesting rounded look to the magnet.
In Superfly it will usually work.
In Firefly you have to watch your lights because a light from a certain direction - normally when it is directly above the magnet - will cast a shadow from the dome into the image and then it will render black.
For example in the Poser Bright Lights you have to remove the shadow from the centre light for the faces to appear in Firefly renders only.


I released a similar product in October 2017 in other stores, however, this version was remade and changed.
Since everything was re-created and renamed it won't overwrite anything but it does use the same folders and I would recommend you delete the previous version before installing this one.
(The files to delete are under props and textures only in folders named: Faces_Fridge_Magnets.)