PandaB5 Poser Stage Lights
Ends on Dec 02 2018


Poser stage lights is a set of lights created to light up a performer standing on a stage. There are 8 different sets with 10 colour variations each for a total of 80 light sets.

This set of lights is for Poser 11 and was created to work with Superfly and Firefly renders. The colours will not look exactly the same in the different render engines and the edges of the spotlights are more blurred in Firefly than with Superfly renders.

If you set the default ground that comes with Poser 11 to be visible in camera and use them with these lights it will create a complete backdrop for you and you don't need anything more. All the promotional images for the store listings were rendered like this.

On each promotional page there is a control image - this is the scene rendered with Poser 11 bright lights so that you can clearly see how the lights will affect her skin tone. There's one Superfly render so that you can see how the light setup will look under Superfly and the rest are Firefly renders to show you the different colours.