Cut Out Windows
Ends on Dec 02 2018


Props and scenes for Poser 11.

Cut-out window patterns have cut-out segments to use as:

  • A window to emphasise or obscure parts of the image;    
  • Room dividers;
  • Props to pose your character on.


  • Room (front & back is open)
  • Blank Wall (to enclose the room at the back)
  • 10 Cut-out walls (serves as the front wall to the room)

The window patterns have 2 material zones:

  • Inside (inside the cut-out parts)
  • Outside (the rest of the wall)

Rotate the windows for a larger variety of patterns.

Room with thick walls so that you can stack the room - with material zones:

  • Walls (inside)
  • Floor
  • Ceiling
  • Outside

One blank wall if you want to enclose the room - with a single material zone.

The walls will load in the 0 position but there's a morph "Fit to Room" that will automatically position them in the right places if you want them fitted to the room.
(If you parent the walls to the room set that morph back to 0 after you've parented them.)

100 Materials that you can apply to anything

Superfly and Firefly materials were created together so that it doesn't matter which render engine you use. These materials are fully procedural.

20 Colours each:

  • Soft
  • Transparent
  • Wall Texture slightly rough (more prominent in Firefly than in Superfly)
  • Wall Texture vertical pattern
  • Wall Texture horizontal pattern

8 Ready-made scenes:

  • 1 Room x 2 variations
  • 2 Rooms x 2 variations
  • 4 Rooms x 2 variations
  • 6 Rooms x 2 variations

 In these scenes the back wall and pattern walls are parented to the rooms.
There's an area light in each room that you can rotate / move to fall onto your character as you'd prefer your character to be lit; you can also increase / decrease the intensity of this light for a lighter / darker scene.  (Make them darker for Firefly renders and lighter for Superfly renders)
Promo scenes rendered with the Andy 2 mannequin to show you the sizes, lights etc.
He is not included in the scenes (but is included with Poser 11).
Poses used are adapted from the Poser Original Poses (also included with Poser).