Cocktail Party Glass
Ends on Dec 02 2018


Cocktail party consists of a versatile glass room - ideal for cocktail parties with  vertical blinds along the wall.  The vertical blinds are loose and can be moved / removed.  This set will also give you an interesting backdrop for any pinup or portrait renders.

Materials were created for Superfly and for Firefly and are saved together so that it doesn't matter which render engine you use.

This is a Poser 11+ product only.


  • 3-sided room Vertical blinds (plastic-look, slightly transparent)
  • Triangular table in 3 sizes - tall, medium, small (cocktail table, dining room table, coffee table)
  • Chair
  • Drinking glass
  • Bowl


10 colours for each object.
The table materials will apply to all 3 tables.


5 complete scenes pre-created with the props that can be rendered in Firefly or Superfly - just add your characters.

Some of the superfly lights appear overly bright on screen, but not in the renders.  (This is because the glass materials are white on screen, but black in the renders.)

Tip: Set the render settings to firefly until you're ready to render and then switch to superfly to avoid the overly bright lights.

About the vertical blinds:
Each blind is an individual prop that is smart-propped to the frame and each one can be opened / closed (morph included) and recoloured individually. They're saved in 3 configurations that can be changed:

  • blinds at 50% open x 10 colours
  • blinds fully open x 10 colours
  • blinds fully closed x 10 colours

Because they're individual props the materials were pre-applied and saved as props sets.
Move them using the Blinds Frame.
The chord (for opening and closing blinds in the real world) has its own material setting so that you can set it to invisible if you don't want it there.)

(The blinds don't have fasteners at the top because that never showed up in the renders and added unnecessary geometry that was never seen as they were behind the frame even in the reflections, so I've just used plain rectangular pieces.)