Stars at Night for POSER
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Stars at night is a set of props for you to create a star-filled night scene. Mix and match the props and the included materials to create your own unique star-filled scene. The stars on the floors and walls have material zones in different patterns to give you many color and pattern choices. Use the curved backdrop to fully immerse your characters into the starry night.

The Materials were customized for SUPERFLY and FIREFLY.


10 Columns in various sizes as follows:

  • Round Column 3 Stars
  • Round Column 2 Stars
  • Round Column 1 Star
  • Square Column 3 Stars
  • Square Column 2 Stars
  • Square Column 1 Star
  • Column 4 Spheres
  • Column 3 Spheres
  • Column 2 Spheres
  • Column 1 Sphere

Individual Items:

  • Single star
  • Single sphere

3 Stepping Stones with stars inside:

  • Round
  • Hexagon
  • Square

1 Curved backdrop

4 Floors / Walls with stars & 1 plain

The floors and walls are separate pieces and can be used inter-changeably.

  • 1 raised stars pattern 2 (wall)
  • 1 raised stars pattern 1 (wall)
  • Star Pattern 2 (floor)
  • Star Pattern 1 (floor)

1 plain (wall)

4 Floor & Wall Accent Segments
Small pieces of the floors / walls as above

  • Star Pattern 1 (floor)
  • Star Pattern 2 (floor)
  • 1 raised stars pattern 1 (wall)
  • 1 raised stars pattern 2 (wall)

Note: The floor, floor segments and backdrop will load slightly below ground so that their top surfaces are level with the ground and any object dropped to the floor will be positioned correctly on its surface.  (Press Ctrl+D if you want them standing on the ground instead.) In Poser click on the ground - properties and remove the tick next to "visible" in order to see the entire floor and curved background floor.


In Poser the props will load with the Firefly materials.

Firefly Materials:

  • 24 Glossy Materials:  
    • Set one has transparency at 80%. Set two has no transparency  (use any of these as the floor base material).
  • 12 Star materials for spheres
    • Set one the stars are on black material with refraction
    • Set two the stars are on transparent material

Superfly Materials:

  • 1 Floor Base Material (Creates a reflective floor base below the stars.)
  • 1 Glass Material  (Use on the floor surface with the emissive materials.)
  • 24 Glossy Transparent Materials   (best used on the large stars and floor / wall surfaces)
  • 24 Emissive Materials   (best used on the floor stars and spheres)
  • 12 Star materials for spheres
    • Set one the stars are on black material Set two the stars are on transparent material

Firefly & Superfly:

  • 10 Starry Background Materials for the Backdrop 10 Starry Background Materials for the blank wall

The materials are provided as material files and except for the backdrop materials you'll be able to use these materials on any other item you own.


5 Sets of Light
The emissive materials will provide extra light but won't light the scene by themselves.


5 complete scenes  - just insert your character.

Scenes are made available in Firefly and Superfly.
Please amend the render settings to suit your personal preference / computer's capacity.

Licence Information:

You may use these to create personal or commercial renders.
You may not distribute these items and please don't share or distribute them.
You use these files at your own risk.

This product was previously available at Renderosity.  This is the same product.