Future Shopping Food Court for Daz Studio
Ends on Dec 02 2018


The future of shopping is here:
Instant food and drink from touchscreen vending machines.
Build your own food court on the large backdrop with the 3 food and 3 drink choices in 5 color variations each. Add the biscuit / cookie stands for extra color and fun.

The materials are customized for IRAY and 3DELIGHT separately.


  • Drinks Stand
  • Food Stand
  • Biscuit Stand
  • Cookies Stand
  • Large backdrop

  • Extras - small props:

  • Icy Energy Drink
  • Juice
  • Hot Drink
  • Meal box (can be opened but is empty)
  • Wrapped Biscuit / Cookie


    1 Material for the Cookies / Biscuits Stand with 15 color choices.
    (The biscuit stand and the cookies stand uses the same materials.)

    3 Materials for the Food stand with 5 color variations each
  • Ready Meals
  • Pizzas
  • Filled Cakes

  • 3 Materials for the Drinks stand with 5 color variations each
  • Juice Stand
  • Icy Energy Drink
  • Hot Chocolate

  • 10 Materials for the Large backdrop

    Materials for the drinks with 5 color variations each
  • Icy Energy Drink
  • Juice
  • Hot Drink

  • 1 x Material for the Meal Box

    1 x Material for the wrapped biscuit / cookie

    Props will load with Iray materials.

    There is a separate directory with 3Delight materials that you'll need to apply to the props.

    However, the scenes are set up with 3Delight and Iray materials so if you're using 3Delight - start with a 3Delight scene and work from there.


    5 Ready-made scenes using the above props (The drinks and boxes are smart-propped to the stands in the ready-made scenes.)

    Scenes are created with Iray and with 3Delight materials.
    Please amend the render settings to suit your personal preference / computer's capacity.

    This product was previously available at Renderosity.
    I made slight changes to it as follows:
    In the Daz Iray pre-made scenes I pushed the cookies and biscuit stands into the floor a little to get a cleaner / continuous look. (set y to -0.30)
    Renamed the default cameras to scene cameras.
    Renamed and repackaged the files.

    This product is used at your own risk.
    You may use it for personal or commercial renders.
    You may not distribute it and please don't distribute or share it.