Easter Egg Park Poses for Paul II and Pauline II
Ends on Dec 02 2018



  • 10 Poses for Paul II
  • 10 Poses for Pauline II
  • 5 Expressions for Paul II
  • 5 Expressions for Pauline II (Asian, African & unlabelled)
  • 5 Expressions for Pauline II European

  • Although it's always a good idea to zero a figure before applying a new pose or expression, please note that in the current version of Poser 11 if you zero the figure it also sets the European H1 and H2 morphs to zero - even on Pauline European.

    The poses and expressions were created for Paul and Pauline to interact with the props in Easter Egg Park.
    However, you don't need Easter Egg Park to use these poses or expressions.

    Paul II & Pauline II are included with the latest update of Poser 11.

    License Information:

    This product is used at your own risk.
    You may use it for personal or commercial renders.
    You may not distribute it and please don't distribute or share it.