Easter Egg Park
Ends on Dec 02 2018


Easter Egg Park is a set of props and materials to create a fantasy Easter Egg Park. The props use built-in features in Poser to get the rounded looks. This product is for Poser 11+ only.

The materials are customised for Firefly and Superfly but created together so that it doesn't matter which render engine you use, you won't have to change the materials. The thumbnails were rendered in Firefly and will look different when using Superfly.

7 Props:

  • Egg Pod
  • Table
  • Chair
  • Bowl
  • Small Easter Egg (for Bowl)
  • Ground
  • Sky Dome

  • 58 Materials:

    With the gradient or pattern materials the colour you see on screen is not the colour it will render.

    6 Colours for each of the following:

  • Table
  • Chair
  • Bowl
  • Easter Eggs
  • Egg Pod

  • 6 Colours x 3 Options each for the ground plane

    1. Gradient, coloured or patterned texture
    2. Glossy texture
    3. Soft texture

    10 Colour options for the sky dome

    Tips: For the multi-coloured or gradient ground textures - dial Y 180 degrees for a different colour option. Move the dome further down to get different colours in the background.

    6 Scenes:

    3 Different scenes with 2 colour choices each.

    Everything in the scenes are loose, you can move them around, change the materials etc.

    Also see the add-on package with poses for Paul and Pauline to interact with these props.

    If you look under the properties tab next to the props you'll notice that some of them have the subdivision levels set to 2. This gives them a nice rounded look using Poser but will cause certain objects like the table to not stand fully flat on the ground (from certain angles). If you want them to stand fully flat on the ground just set the subdivision level to 0.

    License Information:

    This product is used at your own risk.
    You may use it for personal or commercial renders.
    You may not distribute it and please don't distribute or share it.