Faces 1 for Genesis 3 Male and Michael 7
Ends on May 30 2018


Faces 1 for Genesis 3 Male, Michael 7 is comprised of 10 custom face morphs without any textures. Files for DAZ Studio 4.9 and up are optimized in this set. Apply Shape files directly to Genesis 3 Male/Michael 7. This is set has been tested for DAZ Studio 4.9, not tested for Poser. -------------------------------------- System Requirements: PC and Mac compatible DazStudio 4.9 or greater -------------------------------------- Needed Files: Genesis 3 Male available at Daz3d Michael 7 -------------------------------------- Installation Instructions: Unzip to your DAZ/content directory using an appropriate program. To install, just unzip to your DAZ Library directory using the paths and this file will install under /My DAZ 3D Library. If you wish to manually install the files, unzip to a directory. Install the product to the following directories: /My DAZ 3D Library -------------------------------------- Usage Tips or Limitations: For DAZ Studio 4.9: Load Genesis 7 Male Base, M7, then apply Shape file.