SWATCH-MAKER v3.11 for Windows


Up-size Your Textures with Simplicity and Power using Swatch-Maker v3

Swatch-Maker v3 for Windows is easy to use with powerful results. Transform any texture or pattern into a larger canvas for backgrounds or texture image to wrap around your 3D models or customize for detailed texture packages. Conversion is performed without shrinking or stretching images. The results are even more breath-taking when you convert seamless textures/patterns. Create a new canvas image up to 8192x8192 in size (1024x1024 in free Lite version) based upon the original size of the image your load.

How many times have you created a large blank template in a paint program and then used a bucket-fill action to create a large texture template just to find out you didn't like the way it looks. Then you have to start all over again searching for that perfect texture for your project. No more wasting your precious time. With Swatch-Maker just load a texture and instantly preview your texture templates at your desired settings. If you like it just one-click and it's saved. No creating, no manual resizing and no filling, just Load, view and Save.

SWATCH-MAKER v3 performs rapid duplication without shrinking or stretching textures. Visit our website's product page to view the demo video showing Swatch-Maker in action: