Horizons Security Drone Mk1


Drones perform dual purpose as defensive units patrolling the areas around the Resource Gatherers and protecting the Tech Teams. Packed with an array of sensors, the drones also search for and assault Skav groups. Armed with quad cannons and protected by advanced ballistic armor make the drones a formidable adversary.

Security Drone Mk1 features opening front access door, articulated gun arms, rotateable main eye, tail rotor spin, rotateable engine pod and engine exhaust prop.

ERC Sliders- The access door can be opened to reveal detailed interior. Although the door can be opened via transforms, it's best to use the slider only to open access door.

This model was started by someone else, but was redesigned, textured and poserized by MeshWorks. I trust you will find my attention to detail in this re-creation to your satisfaction. As always, if you find discrepancies, let me know through the 'Contact' page on the MeshWorks homepage.

10.5 mb

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3/25/17 - Added Missing object files
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