AtoZ DetailTime - WINTERBROSE Vent Plate v1 by Tiger9166
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AtoZ DetailTime-Winterbrose Item#1 VENT PLATE v1by Tiger9166
This super low cost (free?) item is from AtoZ and Tiger9166 is yours courtesy of Winterbrose! Winterbrose has helped Tiger9166 refine his 3D skills both with tutorials and with useful utilities.
Is this just a simple wall ventilation plate? I don't think so! It's really cool because ... a drum roll please ... you can see through it! Ok, so seeing through it doesn't sound to exciting unless you're into details or have a twisted sense of humor.

Imagine an animation that pans in on an innocent vent on the walls and maybe a gooey ooze starts dropping out of it and soon your charaters are drowning in slime! Or, as you approach thin green fingers or claws appear out of the vent's openings! If your not afraid get close enough to look in and see the creature's glowing eyes looking back at you!

DetailTime is the designation for a whole series of 3D sets to enhance your really close up renders. Adding details in very HiREs gives graphic artists and animators what we call time saving PreWork ... This means you don't have to use valuable PostWork time "cleaning up" renders! ... Example: There is a DetailTime product that offers HiRes sidewalks ... Lotes of 3D models, even those by top 3D artists have very "mottled" or "blurry" walkways. AtoZ's DetailTime that focuses on Sidewalks allows you to PreWork a HiRes character on a HiRes walkway, render it and save PostWork time!
So, this freebe is quite an interesting model. Many of you who are just getting into modeling may be able to appreciate that this model was difficult to make than what you might think. This is because of what tends to happen when a solid model's needs "holes" to do this pieces have to be "cut out" out of a base piece and WOW can things go wrong!

ENJOY this FREE item and have fun! ... Be sure to check out all the wonderful Winterbrose products too!
Files found in:
  • Vent Plate 1 (just loads the plate and the block see below)
  • Vent Plate Only (just the vent plate)
  • Vent Plate Block (a black thin rectangle that covers the openings from the inside so you can cover up what is behind the Vent in case there's no opening for the vent!)
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