The Whisperer


When 1000 voices are whispering in your head and you don't know if a hypnotic influence will overtake your mind and brain, or if somebody has put forbidden drugs in your drink or food, you may be sure ..... THE WHISPERER is near :(

THE WHISPERER comes with 7 mat-files. 2 mat-files are image-based with 4096x4096 pixels, the other 5 are shader-based. Moreover i included some outstanding eye-mats. You may also use most of your other Poser standart eye-mats.
THE WHISPERER is a highpoly model and the obj has 29mb. THE WHISPERER is built and tested on a very old PC system with P4 1,8G and 2GB Ram. This should be the minimum system requirements (lol).

For additional images and detailed informations please check the product brochure.