BAR FIGHT Poses for Genesis 2 Male(s)


Where there are men there will be bars, and where there are bars there will be fights!

When a fight breaks out in your favorite drinking establishment, your instincts tell you that your only two choices are fight or flight; which will you choose? Flight could mean cowering behind the bar and peeking over, or just cowardly crawling towards the nearest exit. Fight means to make your best moves to become the victor of the skirmish. Designed for the Genesis-2-Male (G2M) figure, this set of 24 paired and 3 single poses should work with all of the Genesis 2 Male based Characters* for a total of 54 poses. Each set of paired poses and single poses have been saved as individual pose presets for maximum flexibility and include these two versions: 1. World Centered in scene, and 2. Neutral to use anywhere.

World Centered Poses include:
01-Block 01-Swing 02-Block 02-Chair 03-Crawl 04-Fallback 04-Shove
05-Fallback 05-Shove 06-OutCold 07-Hold 07-Resist 08-Block 08-Swing
09-Impact 09-Swing 10-Defend 11-Down 12-Peek 13-Block 13-Swing
14-Hold 14-Resist 15-Hold 15-Resist 16-Fallback 16-Shove

Neutral Stance Poses include:
Block-1 Block-2 Block-3 Block-4 Chair Crawl Defend-1 Down-1
Fallback-1 Fallback-2 Fallback-3 Hold-1 Hold-2 Hold-3 Impact-1
Out Cold Peek-1 Resist-1 Resist-2 Resist-3 Shove-1 Shove-2 Shove-3
Swing-1 Swing-2 Swing-3 Swing-4

***** Designed for use with DAZ Studio 4.5 and higher *****