G2 Male & G2 Female Time Travel Clothing Super Bundle


Create your own Poser adventures in your favorite time period! This fantastic clothing collection includes 12 complete outfits from different eras for use with e frontier's Generation 2 (G2) figures. You will receive 5 male outfits that can be used with G2 Simon, Kelvin, Koji and James, plus 7 female outfits that can be used on G2 Sydney and Jessi. Previously sold separately for over $150, this collection is now available together at a savings of over $50.



  • G2 Female Kailynn the Slave Girl outfit with skirt, top, leggings, bracers, necklace, headpiece, hair, sword and shield, plus one extra material set for clothing and props and more!
  • G2 Male Armor outfit with helmet, plus chain mail head piece, shirt, vest and pants, 10 additional props and two complete sets of materials
  • Two G2 Female dresses including one Hybrid overdress with two textures & one Conforming overdress and shoes with three textures
  • G2 Male outfit with shoes, hat, shirt, and pants with two textures
  • Female outfit with shoes, head piece, blouse, skirt and apron with three textures
Old West
  • G2 Male outfit with western style hat, shirt/vest, garters, pants, boots, tie and a badge
  • G2 Female saloon outfit with boots, corset, overskirt, skirt and two sets of materials
Roaring Twenties
  • G2 Male outfit with jacket, shirt/vest, shoes, socks, tie, pants, buttonier and two patterned clothing texture sets
  • G2 Female outfit with dress, cap, necklace and shoes
The 70's
  • G2 Male outfit with long sleeve shirt, vest, bell bottom jeans, dingo boots, belt and two hip texture sets
  • G2 Female outfit with belt, blouse, clogs, pants and three patterned clothing texture sets

G2 figures not included. To view the figures, please click here.