AtoZ DetailTime IX Industrial SteampunkII v1
Ends on Oct 09 2018


AtoZ DetailTime IX SteampunkII v1 by Tiger9166
Assembly Line Components ... Check out the Video! Industrial strength caster conveyor assemblys to make your sets really cool.

Who said an evil genius tied up a damsel and has her gliding to her fate in his delapidated factory... Will the hero arrive in time yo keep her from the swinging gear teeth of The Machine? OK, so this set doesn't include the machine, but I want to give you cool ideas... What? To late? you've already thought of some cool things you can do with these pieces.

You get a cool Assembly Line Conveyor, a Push Arm and Holding Support on which you can mount and animate one of the two sharp looking Actuators... OH YES! There are copper air lines with handy smart props to get your line where it needs to go and to attach it your Actuators! Ok so the air lines aren't tubes, but they're going to look great in your renders!

The Conveyors are available in both low and high res! And the LoRes version comes with multiple textures to make your renders look the way you want them too! Be sure to see the Hints so that when you load the LoRes versions you move the right part in the hierarchy to move each assembly. The LoRes version though highly detailed is 36% smaller a load than the HUGE hires version.

Combine all the above with The Machine you get in AtoZ DetailTime VIII and you're on your way a making a way cool factory. Sorry in my renders, I forgot to include the pipes, wires and vents and other stuff from Steampunk Pipes and Wires, but you'll be making way cooler renders than the promo pics I made to show you all the cool stuff you get in this Industrial Strength Package.

Of course they're going to be on sale! Regular Retail is $24.94... Limited numbers at the sale price! Grab one before they are gone for only $6.95!
    This Set Includes:
    • Three handy !Preloads
    • A "beefy" short Actuator
    • A Triple Footed Long narrow Actuator
    • A HiRes Conveyor Section Steampunk Supports
    • A LoRes Steampunk Section Brass Rollers
    • A LoRes Steampunk Section Steampunk Rollers
    • A LoRes Steampunk Section Std Metallic Rollers
    • A LoRes non-Streampunk Industrial Yellow Framed Section
    • A Swing Arm support no smart bolts
    • A Swing Arm support with smart bolts
    • A Straight Copper Pipe
    • A Smart Prop preloaded Copper Pipe
    • A Steampunk "Table" to place at the end of a Conveyor Section
    • Air Vent for exhaust
    • Loads Large! A Hex "BOLT-NUT" (Attach it to an object then "extend" it through attaching plates... walls or whatever!
    • Loads Large! A Penta "BOLT-NUT" (use as above)
    • Brass Nut to attach a copper line to ... whatever
    • Brass Connector for Airlines
    • Two Line Bracket (also not hollow)
    • Two line Mounting Clamp
    • Copper Line S Bend
    • Copper Line 90 Bend
        Smart Props:
      • The Vent prop above ready to jump into position at either the front or back lines on the Actuators.
      • All the Brass fittings and Copper Pipes smart to the Copper Air line figure!

    Files Located in:
  • Runtime>Textures>TJM>DTSteampunkII and two other directories used in shaders...
  • Runtime>Geometries>TJM>DTSteampunkII
  • Runtime>Libraries>CharactersTJM>DetailTime Steampunk II
  • Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>DetailTime Steampunk II
  • Runtime>Libraries>Props>TJM>DetailTime Steampunk II>Smart
  • Readme's>TJM>DetailTime SteamPunk II

Thank you in advance should you decide to add this set to your library!
  • It is best to load your full scene minus these figures first. They are very poly heavy! The process of posing and moving becomes quite slow, but the resulting renders are well worth it!
  • When you load a LoRes Conveyor, it will default to a set of rollers NOT the base Model... Be sure to select the Main Model so that when you move the model... The whole thing moves the way you want it to!
  • Use the HiRes Conveyor sparingly as it has an extreme poly count! See the Promo Pictures to see just how beautiful it is... Poly-wise!
  • Use the !Preloads and be sure to check both side to make sure everything looks right! Worse come to worse, load a fresh conveyor and make single materials to fix the !Preload so it's as cool as you want it to be!

Copyright 2014 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. aka: Tiger9166 & AtoZ
License file included.
Note: Any Accessories, Photos, Buildings, Characters, Clothing, Hair, 3D Terrains, Vehicles and other items seen in the Product Images that are NOT listed above are NOT included!