AtoZ DetailTime VIII Gears Addon Freebe#1 from Tiger9166
BEST PRICE - FREE! - Remember... it IS an ADDON
OK... OK... You might be wondering "How Cheap a FREEBE is this!" Well, If you own AtoZ DetailTime VIII this would give you a good "model" to use to "automate" your other Gear Sets!

Big Toothed Gears 02 and 03 turn in a 1.8 ratio to one another.
Please use the Promo Picture as your How to Use Guide!... Just make sure you've selected the Gears02-03 BODY and the Turn Gears Paramater Dial will appear... Parent on a couple of axels and you're smok'n! ENJOY!
You get NO OBJ's NO Textures ONLY 1 Character file that will load into the Runtime>Libraries>Character>TJM>DetailTime Steampunk I Directory...
Usual Licencing included & this readme...