-NEBULA- the Organic Ship was at first only a design study without any commercial plannings. In any way i fall in love with this unspectacular form and couldn't stopp to work with it. Maybe you'll share my imagination.

Poser version:
-NEBULA- is for Poser5 and up. The default MAT is a pure Shader-MAT and you may try other MATs from your material room. More about this NEBULA comes also with a 2nd image-based MAT. The image-based MAT is a non-standard alternative solution.

Zoom out when you load NEBULA, it's a big ship. The arms/stings include EasyPose chains. With every 1st part of the stings you may modify the body a little bit like mimics or else.

Bryce version:
Static ship, non poseable. Own product ReadMe included. This package includes 16 fantastic materials especially created for "NEBULA" Bryce-Version.