Spacemaster 01


Without making too many words - it's up to you to make up a story about the builders and passengers of this strange ship.
To my mind it belongs to an anthropomorphic race, as it may exist 2000+ years in our future. Lifeforms are living in cells. Close by, they communicate by telepathy and move from one point to another by teleportation. Contrary to people of our presence they act and feel like one organism, that's the basic necessity for survival in a strange space under merciless civilisations.

SPACEMASTER 01 is a poseable figure. The tanks and the base can be taken off or translated in all 3 directions (maybe you accept the 4th as Nirvana by making them invisible. ;)
The energy rings at the front and the big one at the back can be moved forward and backward. Moreover the model has some sizing options which will offer strange deformations. I didn't want to hide those from you.
SPACEMASTER 01 comes with 2 image mats (1 with and 1 without signs on the tanks). I also included some mats with which I was experimenting on whilst creating.
You'll also find these in your materials library to use them with other objects.
The UV map for creating your own textures is located in your textures directory. I used it as a part of the basic mat for the bump of the tanks and the base.