ArrowClass Mothership


The ARROW CLASS MOTHERSHIP is an organic PSI-Ship. It's visiting us from another Dimension far behind that, what we call the Outer Space. On the journey through several Dimensions and endless Universes this strange Spaceship got in touch with a lot of life-systems and gathered all knowledge about life as itself. Like a chameleon the MOTHERSHIP is possible to reflect at his skin the soul energy of the lifeform which it's just visiting. If the ARROW CLASS MOTHERSHIP is friendly or not, that will be a part and history of your fantasy. Don't miss to take a look at the ARROW CLASS WARRIORS which are not part of this package. The WARRIORS are specified to get in direct contact with primitive lifeforms ( like humans ;-) which lifes are regulated by a material mechanical base. Poser version:
ARROW CLASS are LOW POLY models, the Mothership.obj has only 490 kb (Warrior.obj has only 1,39 mb). That's well if you'll create an army with several figures. Textures and UV-Maps comes with 4000x4000 pixel. The 2 default textures are image maps, 2 more textures are based on shader mats. The UV Map for your own texture work is included in the texture directory.

Bryce version:
Own product ReadMe included.