AtoZ DetailTime II Curbs Plus FREEBIE v1 from Tiger9166


AtoZ DetailTime II Curbs PLUS FREEBIE v1 from Tiger9166

A little to tight a 90 degree curb you say? OK, so here's a FREE 90 Degree Curb04 Profile to go with your AtoZ DetailTime Curbs!

And, I've thrown in a pair of Concrete "Street Corners" for the Outside Radius Profiles of the original Curb04 and this Freebie!
BEST Price there is! FREEEEEEEEEE!
BTW: the OBJ's are functional in this set, not just included for other uses!
    Files are found in:
  • Runtime>Geometries>TJM>Curbs>
  • Runtime>TJM>Curbs>
  • Runtime>libraries>Props>TJM>

Please check out the real AtoZ DetailTime Curbs PLUS Available only here at Content Paradise!

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License file included.
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