AtoZ Steampunk_Portable_Missile_Battery_v1_Tiger9166
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Steampunk Portable Missile Launcher Kit v1 and Bonus Add Ons from Tiger 9166 aka AtoZ
Easy to carry to the battlefield - Easy to Set up - Simple to operate! SIX TUBE missile Launcher w/elevation Dial, Leg Locking Spinners and a whole lot of hurt'n for buildings, vehicles or people on the recieving end.

Comes with a CNT brand DEAL BREAKER MK IV exploding head missile - AND to make things great at night a BRIGHT NIGHT MKII Phosphorus Flare missile WITH ...

A Eight Segment PARACHUTE that will hold the BRIGHT NIGHT up for a long long time ... Your enemies are not going to like how night turns into day and gives them no where and way to hide!

List Price only $14.99, on sale now for $5.99! - NOTE: This kit does come with a few poses for characters NOT included and figure preload that require other products!
DIDN'T YOU ALLWAYS WANT A pretty good PARACHUTE? - Check out the Promo Pics!
  • 1 - PORTABLE SIX TUBE missile LAUNCHER (3000 x 3000 HiRes Texture!)
    • HINT: Load the missile and then look at the Body Parts available to set it to the angle you want it!
  • 1 - CNT DEAL BREAKER MKIV missile with rotating head to "Arm" the explosives... AND four Fins to open or close!
  • 1 - BRIGHT NIGHT MKII Phosphorus missile Flare Top pops open to deploy what ever you want! ... Fins open and close!
  • 1 - Figure Parachute (non adjustable but has a great texture!)
  • 1 - Figure EZ-Loader that loads the Bright Night Figure and Parachute Figures
  • 1 - BONUS ADD ON! - Launcher Figure/Prop Loader >>> IF you own the lifting pole that come with the 16 Barrel Gattling Gun Carrying Case by Tiger9166!
  • 3 - missile "poses" 1 to deploy fins - 1 to arm the Deal Breaker - 1 to reset it to "Inert"
  • BONUS ADD ON! - P3DA Casual Male Poses - 1 kneeling to adjust the elevation and 4 different walking positions to make them "carry" the Launcher... IF you already own the Steampunk Gattling Gun Carrying Case that includes the carrying pole!
  • 3 - Parachute Props - 1 with a little white thingie at the bottom of the line so you can add a point light to it and scatter as manny above a scene as your memory will allow! 2 - Just with cords each with a different texture (hint: #2 uses Poser 7 Shader settings!)
  • 1 - missile Engine Fuse and Primer
  • 1 - SMART Prop Parachute for the Bright Night missile
  • 1 - SMART Prop missile Engine!
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