Spaceship Passages Expansion3-MessHall


Third in a series of expansion props from MeshWorks for the Spaceship Segments by Dominik Lenardo (coflek-gnorg). This set consists of 18 props for the Mess Hall Galley, including Bench tables, Food trays, Food props, MRE (Meal-Ready to-Eat), Storage Bins and Eating utensils.

Three additional room components are also included which can be used with the Spaceship Segments Vol4 (Rooms) and the MeshWorks Passages Expansion #1. These consist of a room corner and two walls with windows that have moveable shutters.

The Galley includes a sealed food processing unit with moveable tray elevator, hot and cold drink dispensers, condiment tray and canisters, cooler with opening door and various food containers, waste disposal unit and center island.

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Required Product(s)
Spaceship Segments Vol3
Spaceship Segments Vol4
Vendor Note:
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