AtoZ Steampunk Building Kit EXTERIOR ADD ON v1 from Tiger9166 (aka AtoZ)
Ends on Jun 12 2018


Steampunk Building Kit EXTERIOR ADD ON v1 from Tiger9166 (aka AtoZ)
"Requires" Steampunk Building Kit Exterior*
A really AWESOME Add On for your Steampunk Building Kit EXTERIOR Set!
When I made the first set and "drove" a truck up the ramp to unload it, I suddenly realized that as cool as the set was that there might be something missing. Well, thought about that and ... then went to work ... VIOLA! Here's a SUPER ADD ON BUNCH OF STUFF to enhance the original set! First, a Double Width Loading Dock Door Wall Section with six (count'em) Stained Glass wndows above the highly detailed twin Metal Covered Wooden Doors! Now a Steam Truck can drive right into the building! ... Yes, the latch and lock "work" and the Loading Dock Doors open! ... Then I thought, if you had this loading dock added to a building then, of course, you'd have to be able to vent the smoke and heat ... so, there's this really cool Sky Light with windows that are grimy, a bit broken ... AND they open, and can be propped open too! Of course, then you might need a way (or two) to gain access to the roof to clean, or fix those sky light windows ... So, there's both a Roof Access Door (that opens and has an operational handle and sliding tongue latch) AND a really neat Roof Access Hatch (yes, it opens and the latch handle moves as does tongue latch) NOT TO MENTION that the hatch can be equipped with the included beautiful Folding Four Section Hatch Ladder!

WOW! That's a lot, but just like the TV commercials ... "WAIT! THERE'S MORE!" Hand Railings in two sizes, two Staircases, three Flat "Metal" Signs (one is reversable), three Large Wood Framed Signs (hanging and mounted), a Folding Plackard Stand Up Sign (included both lying flat and already open for your convenience!) ... Whew! that's a lot of typing!
SPECIAL TIGER9166 PRICING? ... Bend my arm! WHOA! That's Enough! ... Retail Pricing $24.95 ... Regular Sale Price $16.95 ... OK I'm crazy how about 7 bucks for this whole Add On set? ... Done Deal!
The usual AtoZ files in all the usual TJM places ... Runtime:Geometries:TJM:Steampunk:BuildingKitExt Runtime:Textures:TJM:Steampunk:BuildingKitExt Runtime:Libraries:Character:TJM:Steampunk:Building Kit Exterior Runtime:Libraries:Props:TJM:Steampunk:BuildingKitExt
Thank you in advance should you choose to add this Add ON Set #1 to your collection ... HAVE FUN!
* pieces can be made to work as stand alones.
Only the items above mentioned come with this set! Other figures/clothing/props/accessories are NOT included!
Copyright 2012 Tiger9166 - A product of Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. All rights reserved.
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