Foundations Version 1 from Tiger9166 aka AtoZ
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Foundations Version 1 from Tiger9166 aka AtoZ
The time has come. I've become really tired of trying to get my buildings to work with anything except the flatest and boringest terrains. I'd tried the ususal camera angle fixes and time consuming (when it didn't need to be) postwork to "fix" things. So, I thought to myself, "Self. How do buildings look right in the real world when they are in the ground and the ground is not boringly flat?" OH YEAH, houses are on ... a drum roll please! ... FOUNDATIONS!

SO, I went to work to bring you a couple of multi-functional and very adjustable foundations! This set includes a cantilevered foundation with adjustable ramps and an extension on one side.

Of course, these work not only well together ... Your imagination can turn these into fortresses and more! NOT TO MENTION THAT THEY PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS ... See the promo pics of Robotmasters Basement added as a sub-basement deep below the surface ... so the screaming can't be hear above!

Now to use these two foundations, each with their two texture variations, you have to know how to access/pop up the Poser 7 Hierarchy Manager ... It makes hiding the parts you don't want to use really easy! So, get comfortable with it! BTW: All pieces and parts that can be moved and as necessary rescaled will have their standard ERC dials visible, all other parts should be left alone! Modify the .cr2 at your own risk!

Please look at all the promo pics to see just how much you can do with these two cool figures. Also, I cannot be held responsible for texture stretching or compressing as your models are modified to fit your needs. However, in Library>Textures>TJM you will find "seamless" tiling textures to use/"have fun" with. Plus I'll be offering a Super Freebe that will be the texture templates for these models in the near future.
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HEY! Did I mention the THREE COOL STAIRWAY PROPS included? There is a "plain Jane" basic and very long Plain Staircase, a beautiful Arc Staircase and a Walled one too! BTW: these are scaled to Poser 7 base figures as they are loaded. Play with scaling if you want to ...
    What's Included In Runtime>:
  • >Geometries> the .obj's
  • >Textures>TJM
    • SEVEN count'em SEVEN Seamless Tiled Textures (Yes, some are used by the Figures and Props, so don't move them out)
    • AND one directory down in >Foundations find all the textures used by all the items in the set.
  • Libraries>Camera>TJM>Foundations Two easy to use settings
  • Libraries>Light>TJM>Foundations One default "white" light set
  • Libraries>Materials>TJM>Foundations A bunch of fun materials to try using at your own risk!
  • Libraries>Character>TJM>Foundations Two Foundations each with two materials variations (Foundation 3 has a square block base ... Foundation 3 Tex2 has a plain gray concrete building block base!) AND a really cool relatively well assembled "Fancy" Foundation 3 Figure to load AND a subdirectory of Foundation 2 Preloaded configurations top play with or use as is!
  • Libraries>Props>TJM>Foundations Those three useful staircases!
Find the usual license file in Readme's>TJM>Foundations along with the read me file!
Copyright 2012 Tiger9166 - A product of Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc. All rights reserved. Tiger9166 sets and items in them including all .obj and .jpg files are under licensing, see the license.txt file as you are agreeing to these terms when you purchase this set. Only items listed above are Included!