Country Scape


How about taking a ride, or perhaps a little stroll through the country. This looped country scape could be just what you need to add a moving background to your animated project. Created in Anime Studio Pro 6, the background's scenes are at various Z positions to give that 3 dimensional look. The scene also moves in right or left directions by hiding and un-hiding the appropriate layer. Various scenes can also be achieved in the same manner. Watch some of the animated horses graze and sip water from the pond. The farm's mail box can be opened and closed via switch layer. Don't have a vehicle to cruze down the highway? A free passenger van with animated occupants is also included.

Note: This file will not export to swf (Flash) format correctly.

Zip file contains:

  • Country Scape.anme
  • Passenger Van.anme
  • Country Scape.pdf
  • License.txt
  • Read Me.txt