3DToons City of Light and Darkness for Poser
Ends on Jun 03 2018


Welcome the new 3DToons theme.... dark and light. This set gives you the city of light and the city of darkness. Two cities with opposite values and beliefs, never at peace with each other. The Lord of Light reigns in the City of Light, bringing peace and joy to all of it's inhabitants. In the City of Darkness the Dark Lord reigns, ruling with an iron fist, bringing destruction everywhere.

This set has 14 props, 12 material sets and 1 light set (the same light set that has been used to create all of the promo images). You will find a gate, house, great hall, throne, wall and pillar in 2 styles, dark and light. To make it easy, 2 complete cities are included, but feel free to build your own. For each prop there are 2 materials included, the light version and the dark version. All of the textures are high resolution, 2500x2500 pixels.

The gate, house and great hall have a door open morph, which will not really open the door, but make the door disappear, giving the impression that the door or gate has been opened. Due to advanced modeling techniques used, this set will not work well in DAZ Studio, because of limitions in DS's import capacity and lack of .obj file form format support and features in DS.


* 12 different props, 6 for each city to build your own cities or towns
* 2 Complete prefab cities for quick use
* 12 material sets, 2 version for each set to mix and match items
* High resolution 2500x2500 pixels
* 1 Light set
* Opening door morph for the gate, house and great hall, making the door disappear
* Scaled to match Toon Generation size, but can scaled to be used for any figure
* Poser only, due to DS limitations