Turkey Toon


This "Turkey Toon" is so cute, you'll just want to gobble him all up. He uses the Anime Studio Pro 9 smart bone feature to move his head right and left to 45 degree views, along with his eyes and mouth. The rest of his body is also rigged including his tail and wing feathers. Turkey Toon also comes equipped with his own coop that opens and closes via smart bone, and two jpeg backgrounds. Whether you animate, or pose him for clip art, you'll want Turkey Toon to be the guest of honor for the holiday season.

Zip file contains:

  • Turkey Toon.anme
  • Coop.anme
  • COOP.png
  • Farm.jpg
  • Toon Forest.jpg
  • Dial Specs.png
  • License.txt
  • Read Me.txt