Spaceship Passages Expansion 1


First in a series of expansion props from MeshWorks for the Spaceship Segments by Dominik Lenardo (coflek-gnorg). This set consists of 14 new passage segments that can be interconnected or combined with segments from Vol1 thru Vol4. These Passages are wider then the Corridors from the original set, but use a simular style and layout.

Includes; 1 Connector (from Passage to Corridor), 1 door frame with parented opening double doors, Half length Passage, Passage with doorway, standard Passage, standard Passage with openable keyboard, L shaped with console, standard T Passage, T passage with console, T Passage with Corridor connector, T Passage with Corridor connector and emergency cabinet, 3 Cross Passages with single and dual Corridor connectors and standard Passages.

Each segment is loaded with a default floor, but these can be swapped out with floors with marker stripes, pipe channels, or with a hole in the middle. Floor materials can also be changed.

Ceiling and floors a parented props that can be hidden to allow ease of figure posing and camera angles.

Required Product(s)
Spaceship Segments Vol3
Vendor Note:
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