Kuroneko Miki 4


Kuroneko is a 22 year-old young lady with the grace ond beauty of a cat.

Her name even litterally means "Black Cat" in japanese. This asian pearl is perfect for adventure, romance or pin-up scenes, but she even works Halloween or sci-fi or anime... Everything your fantasy can create!

Celebrating the newest figure Miki4, the boys of Tempesta3d have made Kuroneko, the spicy and feline character will give your Runtime nine lives!!!

In this package you'll find:

- INJ Kuroneko Head
- REM Kuroneko Head
- INJ Kuroneko Body
- REM Kuroneko Body
- MAT Kuroneko
- 2 MAT Body (with or without pubic hair)
- 2 MAT Body with tattoo (with or without pubic hair)
- 2 MAT Arm (with or without tattoo)
- 4 MAT Eye colors
- 8 MAT Face
- 6 MAT Lips
- 6 MAT Lips Wet
- 6 MAT Nails

Plus a set of smart propped cat ears with 5 MAT for different colors.

Thank you for the support of our creations :) Meowww :)