Miki 4.0


Miki 4 - Fully Weight Mapped and Gorgeous as Ever!

Miki 4 from Smith Micro sets a new standard for 3D Human characters for Poser. She's wonderfully life-like, richly featured, and very easy to use. Her beautiful, Amerasian influenced, athletic physique is an anatomically accurate full body morph of Miki 3 with full Poser 9 compliant Vertex Weight Mapping for superior bending and posing and Subsurface Scattering for photorealistic skin. Miki 4 includes abundant Advanced Body Controls for faster posing, Joint Controlled Morphs for muscle and tendon movement, with an extensive set of facial expressions and phonemes for synthesized speech.

Miki 4 Figure Pack Includes:

Fully rigged with Poser's Vertex Weightmapping, the Miki 4 Figure come with a complete set of Full Body Morphs, Partial Body Morphs, Advanced Body Controls, Deformers, Ghost Actors and Joint Controlled Body Morphs. The Miki 4 Figure Pack also includes a rigged Dev figure for accessory clothing developers to create assets for the Miki 4 figure.

Miki 4 is the first Poser figure to include 3D modeled eyelashes, for better extreme close-up on her eyes and face. The 3D lashes are designed follow all Miki eyelid movements. Miki 4 also incudes the original Miki 3 transmapped eyelashes for Faceroom and backwards compatibility.

Miki 4 is furnished via an easy to use installer which not only installs the figure's compressed runtime files, but Poser application data for Miki 4 support in the Face Room, TalkDesigner and Repose data for Universal Pose support.

Miki 4 is a fully re-grouped and re-sculpted morph figure version of Miki 3 that preserves the original Miki 3 UV layout, so all legacy Miki 3 texture maps can be used on Miki 4. Miki 3 clothing can be converted to support Miki 4 using Poser Pro 2012's Weight Map Editing Tools and the Poser Morph Brush.

Miki 4 includes both the original Miki 3 face and a fully resculpted Miki 4 Head morph that provides a softer, more easily modifiable face.

Miki 4 is rigged with 16 Ghost Actor Bones for more precise muscle and joint articulation, and improved posing control. Ghost Bones include L/R Groin, L/R Hamstring, L/R Glute, L/R Calf, L/R Breast, L/R Bicep, and L/R Pectoral, L/R Latissimus.

  • 2 high resolution, gamma correct, photorealistic body material sets with Subsurface Scattering via Snarlygribbly's EZSkin Tool, Miki4NoGen material set includes a smooth skintone in breast and hip areas, Miki4Gen material includes fully accurate anatomic detail in those areas
  • 1 Miki 4 Eyelash conforming figure
  • 5 full resolution facial makeup material sets
  • 6 full resolution eye color material sets optimized for raytracing and Subsurface Scattering
  • 2 conforming trans-mapped hair sets with styling morphs, each with 5 color material sets
  • 7 Full Body Morphs, over 20 Upper and Lower Body Partial Morphs and over 100 Facial Expression, Face Sculpting, Eye, Ear, Lip Mouth, Nose, Tongue and Phoneme Morphs
  • 34 Advanced Body Controls for faster posing
  • 27 Breast Ghost Actor Controls for scale, translation and rotation
  • 13 Miki 4 utility Poses including Deformer pose to apply the full set of deformers to third party content
  • 9 Face Poses
  • Miki 4 Swim Top and Swim Bottom Conforming Figures
  • TalkDesigner and Face Room Compliant
  • Miki 4 XMP metadata files for Library content
  • Includes full set of 2D texture templates to create custom Miki 4 textures
  • Fully detailed, 44 Page Miki 4 User Guide to get the most out Miki 4

Miki 4 requires Poser 9 or Poser Pro 2012 SR3 and later.