SWD Christopher


Christopher for Michael 4 by Daz 3D with Michael 4 Morphs++ by Daz 3D. For optimal use with body and ear morphs, Michael's Muscle Morphs and Michael's Creature Creator are required as well.

Package includes:

•Ear INJ pose
•Mat Poses and Textures for Bare and Tattooed Skins
•Mat Poses and Textures for Make-Up
•Mat Poses and Textures for Lips
•Mat Poses and Textures for Eyes
•Mat Poses and Textures for Nails
•Mat Poses and Textures for Genitalia
•Character .CR2 file for use in Poser

Additional Info

•Christopher was tested and optimized for use in both Daz Studio 3 and Poser Pro on PC. This product was not tested on a Mac.
•Michael 4 Figure, Character, Clothes, Hair model, Background, Poses and Lights are not included. You must have the M4 model with Morphs ++ installed in order for the morphs to work properly. Creature Creator must installed for use of elf ear INJ and Muscle Morphs must be installed for muscles to inject properly.

Required for optimal & proper use:

Michael 4, Michael Morphs ++, Michael Muscle Morphs, & Michael Creature Creator

Promotional Information Renders for the promotional images were rendered on Daz Studio 3. Composition was done in Photoshop 7. No postwork was done to renders except for composition purposes. The renders themselves were not altered in any way other than minor resizing, drop shadows, and soft outer glow where needed.

Character Info:

Morph & Textures:
Christopher for M4 by Silverwind-Designs

Valiant by Valiant for Michael 4 by Ravenhair
Toadstool Garb by Moyra
Bad Boy by Ravenhair
Nightworld: Midnight Hunter by Luthbel
Nightworld: Morning Sun by Arian

Glyn Hair by AprilYSH
Elven Hair by goldtassel
Candy Elven by Sveva
SAV Sonia Hair by StudioArtVartanian

Background Images:
DbE-Inspirations 3 Promo Creation Kit by DesignsbyEve & Sabby
2012 by Sveva

If you happen to purchase this product, thank you very much and I hope you have as much fun creating with it as I did making it!