Look out for Cupid, he can strike any time. His switch layer powered wings come in handy when he wants to attack from above with his trusty bow and arrow. Cupid doesn't speak much, but his mouth switch layer is equipped for lip syncing. Cupid's Zip file comes with 4 Anime Studio files, 3 pre-animated and 1 un-animated, and a PDF tutorial that illustrates how cupid shoots an arrow. A free park scene made up of png files is included, and set up in Cupid A3.anme.

Zip file contains:

  • Cupid.anme
  • Cupid A1.anme
  • Cupid A2.anme
  • Cupid A3.anme
  • Shoot an arrow tutorial.pdf
  • Activating wings.jpg
  • Park files contains:
  • Tree.png
  • Trees.png
  • Birdbath.png
  • Cloud.png
  • Sidewalk.png
  • Bench.png
  • Ground1.png
  • Ground2.png
  • Sky.png
  • License.txt
  • Read Me.txt