Motorhome introductory pack


Motorhome introductory pack special offer. Purchase the base Motorhome prop and get the Campground expansion for half price!

KPL Cobra Motorhome Accurate, high detail model of a vintage 1978 recreation vehicle prop for Poser and Daz Studio. 28 components that open/close, swivel/rotate such as cabinet doors, front wheels and even the sun visors. This model has been built to include the smallest of detail, including a complete engine, undercarriage and functional living area. Just like it rolled off the showroom floor in the late '70's.

The Motorhome is divided up into sections so that separate areas can be turned on or off to better allow unobstructed camera angles. This model renders very nicely and doesn't need post work.

Expansion #1 'Campground' expansion has 14 vintage props for the 1978 Motorhome. Includes picnic bench, lantern, cooler, BBQ grill, charcoal bag, lawn chair, campsite ground plane, hookup post, background image, wheel chocks, spare tire, television, retracting TV antenna and cushions for the fold-down bed. See the ReadMe page for a complete list of files and installation instructions.

6 additional Expansions also available.

Free Bass Boat & Trailer for the Motorhome available at
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