KPL Motorhome Expansion #6-Adventure Pack


Expansion is a stand-alone set that was designed for the '78 Cobra Motorhome. Includes 12-Speed Bike, Kayak with paddle and wet-skirts, Surfboard, Inner tube, Volleyball net, Badminton net with racket and birdie and carrier racks usable with the Motorhome.

12-Speed Bike(cr2 file) Typical men's style bike with tire pump and water bottle props. also has 6 additional materials, upper and lower bar graphics and a pose with the bike parked (ie leaning on kick stand).

Kayak (prop) Intermediate sized (10'6") kayak as offered by many sporting goods retailers. Includes double ended paddle, wet-skirt along with poses to fit the figures to the kayak and paddle.

Surfboard (prop) Standard three fin surfboard with 5 matposes to resize the board to Body Board (5'4"), Short Board (6'2"), Fun Board (7'2"), Gun Board (8'6") and a Long Board (9'0"). Includes 30+ materials and a png template.

Volleyball Net (prop) Regulation sized net (32' x 7'4"). Great for beach scenes. Volleyball prop not included. Available at Daz and was included with Daz|Studio version 2.33.

Badminton Net and Accessories (props) Badminton net (21' x 5'1"), Racket, Birdie (aka shuttlecock) and outer court marker lines for singles or doubles play.

Inner Tube (prop) A tire tube used in older style tires.

Carriers (props) Racks for the bike, kayak and surfboard to be used with the Motorhome.

BONUS Freebie Now includes Instant up Canopy and Adventure pose pack.

Free Jetski Trailer for the Motorhome available at
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