KPL Motorhome Expansion #5-Mobile Studio


'Mobile Studio'

Expansion for the 1978 Motorhome. This is a Cr2 figure which loads the Motorhome with slides on both the left and right to create the studio. Complete editing booth in rear section and video camera figure. Also includes anchors desk and chair, extending mast, observation platform and transmitter dish. See the ReadMe page for a complete list of files and installation instructions.

NOTE: Requires the KPL Cobra Motorhome which can be found in the 'vehicles' category.Only difference in the versions is how the files are stored. You may be used to seeing the paneling on the interior, please be aware that the slider interior is supposed to be white. Custom add-ons are welcome.

Anchors accessories free at the MeshWorks website. See the readme file for details.

BONUS Freebie Now includes Studio Set #1 with Video Camera.
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