Little St. Nick


You better watch out, you better not cry, "Little St. Nick" is bouncy and spry! This all vectorized anme file comes un-animated, with switch layers inside of switch layers to enable him to open a letter and unfold it, unroll his lists (one for naughty and one for nice). Mouth switch layer is ready for lip syncing. Front and Back hand switch layers make various arm positions look more natural. Have him wink, blink, read, and look around with the eye switch layer. His special chair, a mail bag, and his sack are also included in the anme file.Whether your animating or posing him for still media, this pre-rigged character can make your commercial or non-commercial project a little more joyous.

Zip file contains:

  • Little St. Nick.anme
  • License.txt
  • Read Me.txt
  • Demo & Tutorial (for getting a gift)
  • png media poses (individual png files with transparent bacground)