Practical Poser 8


Practical Poser 8: The Official Guide

Do you want to take your Poser skills beyond the basics and put the new features of Poser 8 into practice right away? If so, you've come to the right place. "Practical Poser 8: The Official Guide" is an updated edition of this best-selling reference for intermediate to advanced Poser users. It teaches the tasks you want and need to know to get the most out of Poser 8 for achieving professional, commercial-quality work. This edition covers all of the new Poser features introduced in the new version of the software. Learn texturing and material techniques from a master texture artist, and explore the work of Poser pros in the beautiful color insert section!


  • An official book covering Poser 8.
  • Includes hands-on tutorials.
  • Poser is an increasingly-popular program used by design schools, game developers, and movie studios.
  • The CD* includes supporting files for the tutorials found in the book as well as images from the book and demos.
Table of Contents
  • 1. Using and Maintaining Poser Content.
  • 2. Using Cameras.
  • 3. Mastering Lights and Shadows.
  • 4. Creating Materials.
  • 5. Creating Custom Faces.
  • 6. Working with Poser Hair.
  • 7. Working with Poser Clothing.
  • 8. Creating Custom Morphs.
  • 9. UV Mapping.
  • 10. Groups and Materials for Models.
  • 11. Creating Your Own Image-Based Textures.
  • 13. From Modeler to Poser Library.
  • 14. Basics of Joint Parameters.
  • 15. Animation Overview.
  • 16. Animation in Poser.
  • 17. New Animation Features.
  • 18. Rendering.
  • 18. Post Work and Other Things to Consider.
  • Appendix A: About the CD-ROM.*
  • Appendix B: Frequently Asked Questions.

*Please note: At this point, this product is only available as a digital item. We are in the process of setting up physical inventory for this product. The CD-ROM is only included with the physical purchase of this item. The contents of the CD are not included in the digital download.

Author Bio

Richard H. Schrand
Richard Schrand is the author of 11 books on computer software, including Vue 6 Revealed. Mr. Schrand is a 3 time Emmy-winning producer and writer, a frequent software demonstrator at SIGGRAPH, and the Computer Graphics helped design two bachelor degree programs for the college – one for computer graphics, the other in video production.