Citroen C4 Pompier (Poser, Vue, 3D Studio Max)


Citroën is a French automobile manufacturer, founded in 1919 by André Citroën. It is today part of PSA Peugeot Citroën. Its headquarters is in rue Fructidor, Paris.

Originally a mass-market car maker with relatively straightforward designs, Citroën shocked the world in 1934 with the innovative Traction Avant, the world's first mass-production front wheel drive car (1934-1956). Until the late 1980s the company had a reputation for approaching automobile design in a unique and innovative way. Significant models include the H Van (1947-1981, 'HY'), the 2CV (1948-1990, 'The Duck'), the DS (1955-1975, 'Goddess') and the CX (1974-1991). In latter years, the company has been working hard to recover its prestige while keeping attached to the mainstream market, and the endeavour has met with success.

.: Product Features (Poser) :.
  • Model built entirely with 3-sided polygons.
  • All four tires can rotate around.
  • Front tires are steerable.
  • Steering wheel is turnable and an ERC dial on the BODY affects both the front wheels and steering wheel.
  • Steering wheel can tilt up and down to accommodate human figures of all sizes.
  • The windshield can rotate up and down... or it can be hidden completely.
  • All three ladders can be positioned anywhere else in the scene... or hidden.
  • Note: the hood does not open since there is no engine underneath.
  • Most of the materials use complex mapping. However, templates for the exterior body materials are included.

    .: Product Features (Vue) :.
  • Vue object: includes vob file: 90,178 polygons
  • All of the parts have their joint centers set for easier animation.
  • Colorized using texture maps and Vue shaders.

    .: Product Features (3D Studio Max) :.

    The product contains four resolutions of the model, the high resolution version being rigged for animation.
    The model is highly detailed and textured.

    This model is a 3DMax model, saved in version 8 as a MAX file, and requires 3DMax. It does not include any other formats to allow it to be opened in any other software. The model is rigged where appropriate, and mapped and textured.